The Year Ahead

So here I am.  Not quite at the end of an exceptionally busy summer, but at the end of our first year in business.

The year has been full of ups, downs and much exhilaration.  Certainly setting up and developing my own business has been one of the hardest things I have ever done and obviously ongoing.  However it also has been one of the most rewarding and liberating things I have been lucky enough to experience.

I am quickly learning that planning and presence are everything, so have been working hard on September 2010 to Christmas 2011 since Easter and feel so very pleased that this is now done.  Not only is it done however, but also on our new website, thanks to Rob Barrett of METALFURY.  His creative genius has allowed us to have something which I am truly proud of and a real shop front for Elements.

So what are we offering you….Canoeing Expeditions

We have developed our range, locations and staff team for 2011, offering trips for those with little experience all the way through to those who paddle at a advanced level.  Our unique offer of canoeing adventures, canoeing holidays and canoeing adventures will be based in Scotland, Sweden and Norway.  These beautiful locations offer some of the most amazing canoeing you can find any where in Europe.  We are striving to keep our trips personal, so the maximum number of clients we will ever accept is 8 and our maximum coach / guide to client ratio is 1:4 no matter what the location.

For 2011 we have started to go back to my roots, of white water kayaking.  In addition to our range of qualification courses we are also offering two coaching weeks in Scotland throughout the year.  We are not about choosing the biggest waterfall to paddle off, but about developing strong dynamic skills in which to progress with all set on a range of amazing rivers.

Our range of British Canoe Union Courses are continuing across the UK, as in 2010 but with slightly more to offer we hope that whether you want to become a BCU coach, gain a BCU 3* or become a river leader we have just the course for you.  We are also completely mobile with all the equipment needed to run all of ours courses and can offer any of these at a location of your choosing.  Please contact Rob Yates for more information.

Canoeing Personal Skills Courses

New for the rest of 2010 and 2011 is a comprehensive series of Canoeing Personal Skill Development courses.  Aiming to develop your paddling skills to the next level or offer further training between a BCU 4 / 5* Training course and your assessment, we feel that it will offer something for all canoeists.  As in previous years we will continue to offer bespoke canoe and kayak coaching for paddlers or all levels, please contact Rob Yates for more information an to realsie your paddling dreams

Other exciting things coming up for Elements & me are:

  • Getting married to my beautiful fiancé Kerry on the 5th November 2010 in South Africa
  • Delivering BCU courses in North America in September
  • Making a concerted effort to develop my freestyle kayaking at Thames weirs over the winter

In this ever changing world, plans are already afoot for 2012!!  Not only will this be a Olympic year, but also another exciting one for us at Elements.  Many things are planned and just too wet your appetite here is some of the development areas;

  • Developing a range of walking / mountaineering trips in places like the Drakensburg Mountain Range in South Africa & Northern Norway
  • Extending our range of Canoeing Trips, Adventures and Expeditions further afield across the globe.  Keeping to our aim of giving our clients access to little paddled, unique destinations.
  • Developing a unique White Water Kayak Coaching programme, both in the UK and abroad
  • Developing our staff team, to ensure that every product we offer is delivered at a industry leading standard.

We look forward to sharing some amazing paddling with you all over the next year

Rob & the Elements team


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